Our Mission Statement:

The Neville Empowerment Network, Inc. is a community organization in the purpose-driven business of: inspiring, uplifting, and empowering communities through educational outreach.

Educational Empowering Events:

We achieve our mission through the following events:

  • The You CAN Do Anything Too Symposiums

  • The Own Your POWER Women's Empowerment Retreats

And More!

Parenting Education Seminars

  • Parenting Education Seminars - Court Ordered and non-court ordered

Birthday Bag Drive

We've been in the business of making birthdays possible for low-income and homeless families for over two decades, through our annual #BirthdayBagDrive!

2020-2025 Initiative

The JOy of Literacy is our primary focus for the next five years. The literacy rate in Virginia needs to be addressed, as a huge percent of our children are not reading above a proficient level, and the daunting correlation between adult literacy rates and gainful employment.